Young People

Young PersonHere at Staffordshire Information Advice and Support Service, we provide confidential (we don’t discuss your issues with anyone else) help to young people about issues relating to their education, health and social care.

This might include:

  • Providing information, advice and support about what might be available to you in your learning environment.
  • Helping you through the education, health and care assessment process.
  • Helping you prepare for the annual review of your education health and care plan.
  • Telling you about activities or support groups in your area.
  • Signposting you to other services that might be able to help you.
  • Making a complaint.

Young People Survey

We ran a survey for our young people to find out how they engage online. 

Thank you so much to the young people who completed the survey and their families who may have helped them.

We wanted to share the results with you and we would love to hear from any young people who would like to be part of a new group, to join other young people in Staffordshire with SEND to share experiences and views. 

Young Person Survey (52KB)

If you are a young person or know a young person who would like to find out more, please contact to arrange a chat.

Staffordshire Local Offer

SEND Local Offer

The Staffordshire Local Offer is an online information tool that can tell you about support groups, activities and services available to you.