primary-classHow can I get help?

We provide support and information to parents and carers of children with behaviour difficulties, as well as those who are at risk of, or have been excluded from school.

It is always our aim to encourage partnership working and develop positive communication between parents and school.

We prefer, wherever possible, to become involved as soon as problems are identified. We will listen and give parents time to share their concerns.

What do you do?

We encourage parents to arrange a meeting at school to look at positive ways forward.

We may be able to support parents at this meeting or give support by telephone.

We can also arrange an office visit where we can meet with you and gather more information about your concerns and your understanding of what strategies have been used.

Further information

Further information, including the full exclusions guidance for schools, statutory responsibilities and legislation are available on the Department for Education website.

If your child is excluded, this flowchart may help you understand the process of the governing body's duties.