SkillShare End of Project Evaluation


SkillShare End of Project Evaluation

Funding for the current SkillShare project ends in March 2018.  In line with funding requirements an external evaluation of the life of the project was commissioned and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part either by completing the questionnaire or meeting with the evaluators, your views are extremely important.

 We were delighted with the feedback and I was personally touched by the impact the project has had on families, connecting them with others in similar situations and enabling them to feel less isolated.  Some of the key findings were as follows:

Benefits for parents and carers

As a result of the programme participants reported that as a result of the programme:

96% had gained increased knowledge skills and confidence

89% had experienced reduced stress and anxiety

92.5% they felt less isolated

 Some quotes from parents included:

  • “SkillShare helps relationships, including marriages. You don’t have to explain yourself when people understand”
  • “When you’re at a critical point, where do you go? Friends didn’t get it. No local family members. SkillShare was there at my danger point.”
  • “SkillShare is one of the only groups which includes parents in everything. It’s there when parents feel alone.”
  • “SkillShare thinks out of the box. You can give your ideas and they respond. Parents take the lead.”
  • “You feel like you’re not alone. People hold your hand when you’re in a dark place but you find that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”
  • “Everyone has issues and finds different strategies and how to deal with their problems. Other people’s ideas are helpful. You make friends.”
  • “I always leave the Skillshare sessions with more admiration for my son.”

To view the full report please see link below:

SkillShare - End of Project Report (1.7 MB)

Thanks again for your continued support


Posted on 23 March 2018