Covering Letters

If you are unsure of what to include in your covering letter, we have compiled an example that you might wish to use as a template. Replace the phrases underlined with the appropriate information:

Re: “Child’s name and DOB

I am writing to formally request an Education, Health and Care needsassessment for my son/daughter, child’s name.

Childs’ name has attended school name since starting date and is currently in year number.

Child’s name has the following difficulties (Give a brief outline of the child’sdifficulties, for example: Does the child have autism, dyslexia, ADHD, speechand language difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and since when?) 

School provide child’s name with a high level of support but he/she is not making progress. I feel that child’s name needs an Education Health and Care needs assessment to enable his/her needs to be fully identified.

Please find attached my views as a parent/carer in support of my request.

Yours sincerely,

(Sign your name)

Full name

If you feel you need further support with compiling your request please get in touch with us.